The DGMRF helps fund fundamental research projects targeting myeloma.

Its objectives do not include support for purely clinical projects or protocols.

With the state of mind that new ideas can come from anywhere and it is hard to predict who will find what (piece of the) solution, there are no restrictions imposed by DGMRF regarding the origin of the laboratories and groups in the US that would want to submit a grant request.

DGMRF grants can be:

  • Standalone grants to fund research projects that address a limited, well-defined issue; and/or
  • Co-invest or integrate a larger research project partially originated and funded by other sources.

Because human beings cannot know the truth, the best they can do is to grope at it through trial and error. Innovation frequently depends less on grand academic breakthroughs than on humble trial and errors, on a willingness to go with what works and not focus entirely on the theory that may underlie it.

DGMRF will finance fundamental early stage project research programs to develop novels therapeutics, also assuming a new approach of this disease could help science advance in this field.

DGMRF will not ask to benefit from potential licensing rights nor any other forms of retribution. DGMRF will also in this sense be different than other non-profit organizations: DGMRF will finance early stage (hence less secure of the outcome but more innovative) research and developments, and will not ask or require some of the rights linked to potential findings (drugs, etc.) from entities it financed or helped, which characterizes other non-profits as actual “venture-philanthropist”.

Project Selection

All applications for research projects should be submitted to the DGMRF, which Advisory Committee will review. The Advisory Committee will submit its opinion and recommendation to the board of the DGMRF, which makes the final decision on whether or not to award funds to the project.

Applications can be submitted at any moment of the year, but final decisions and funds allocations will be made by the Board during its meetings at its discretion.

Terms and Conditions

Should a project get the approval from the Board of Directors, a contract will be established between the DGMRF and the group and/or entity which has applied for the grant.

Research projects which receive funding by the DGMRF will have to send a report to the DGMRF twice a year, and the DGMRF reserves the right to visit the scientists and ask for a status report regarding this research at any time.

Any and all publications and communications resulting from the project and/or having benefited directly or indirectly from funding of the DGMRF must only and simply explicitly mention the DGMRF.

Applications must be submitted by e-mail to the DGMRF, at:

Dana Farber Research Grant Reports

Please find attached the various reports from Dana Farber’s research program sponsored by DGMRF

(de Gunzburg Myeloma Research Fund – Technical Report H1 2015 – June 2015)
(de Gunzburg Myeloma Research Fund – Technical Report Full Year 2014 – December 2014)
(de Gunzburg Myeloma Research Fund – Technical Report H1 2014 – June 2014)
(de Gunzburg Myeloma Research Fund – Technical Report Full Year 2013 – December 2013)


The de Gunzburg Myeloma Research Foundation (“DGMRF”) was established to finance research programs from and within third parties’ leading medical institutions. The DGMRF is a non-profit private foundation which has tax exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the United States of Americas’ Internal Revenue Code.

Any information and/or data available on the website of the DGMRF (the “Website”) is accessible to anybody. This Website does not purport to contain all the information (the “Information”) to understand and/or evaluate all of the factors regarding myeloma. Any reader hereof should conduct his/her own investigation and analysis on the disease, including as the case may be, based on the specificities relating to the potential myeloma patient.

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